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Made in the UK, VitaLink is a range of plant nutrients, additives and growing media for use in both hydroponic systems and soil. Whether you’re just starting out in growing or you’re an expert, the VitaLink range will help you achieve the best possible plant health, growth and yield. All popular growing techniques are catered for; hydroponics, coco coir and soil growing.

The VitaLink product range includes bloom stimulators, coco nutrients, hydroponic additives and coir nutrients as well as many other hydroponic nutrients, additives and growing media suitable for professional growing.

Vitalink Nutrients


VitaLink Plant Nutrients – Based on extensive research and testing, the VitaLink nutrients are scientifically proven to deliver excellent plant growth, health and yield. They produce great results when growing in water, earth or coir growing media.

Vitalink Additives


VitaLink Plant Additives – A range of highly effective growth enhancers and nutrient additives, these products are developed to boost plant health and growth. VitaLink additives are proven to give an overall higher quality crop.

Vitalink Growing Media

Growing Media

VitaLink Growing Media – Designed with the grower in mind, VitaLink Growing Media delivers great results whether growing on a small or large scale. Growing media is available in Clay Coir Mix, 100% Coir, Perlite, Vermiculite, Clay Pebbles and Professional Enriched Soil.

Vitalink Essentials


Keep a regular check on the pH and EC levels of your nutrient tank as these will affect plant nutrient uptake. Any fluctuation of the correct levels can lead to poor plant growth and should be readjusted before it becomes a serious problem.