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Biopac Powder

  • Improves tolerance to and from stress
  • Contains Trichoderma – a highly beneficial fungal inoculant
  • Improves root development
  • Assists with nutrient availability and uptake

Packed full of beneficial bacteria and fungi including Trichoderma, BioPac Powder improves root development and tolerance to stress (it also improves recovery from stress). BioPac Powder is suitable for use in all growing substrates and will assist with nutrient availability and uptake.

Directions for use

In recirculating systems, add BioPac Powder at each complete solution change. It is important to properly mix the powder into solution and not to allow the powder to settle. When growing in substrates use BioPac Powder as a pre-mix when potting up your plants. This ensures good colonization by the microbes and fungi.

We recommend using BioPac in conjunction with VitaLink RootStim because it provides a brilliant food source

Dosage 10g per 10 litres of media when pre-mixing at time of transplant.

Material Safety Data Sheet for VitaLink BioPac Powder

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