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Growing in coco coir

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Coco coir growing media is extremely popular with growers. It can help you to achieve great results with your plants in terms of growth, yield and quality. Here, VitaLink explain what coco coir growing media is and the benefits it offers.

Coco coir growing media is made from coconut husk and looks and feels like a fluffy light brown soil.

Coco coir growing media:
• Has a good air to water ratio, promoting fast and healthy growth.
• Releases mineral nutrients easily for your plants to uptake.
• Is completely biodegradable. This makes the growing media an environmentally friendly hydroponic growing media. It can be used in a variety of systems, including the AutoPot, Flood and Drain (usually mixed with clay pebbles), hand-watered pot growing and Drip Irrigation Systems.


Coco specific nutrients
You should always use a coco coir specific nutrient, such as VitaLink Coir. This is because coco coir growing media interacts with nutrients and holds onto calcium and magnesium and slowly releases potassium and nitrogen. A high quality coco coir nutrient will ensure that your plants receive all of the nutrients and elements (in the right proportions) they require for strong and
healthy growth.

Checking the nutrient levels within your coco coir
As coco coir growing media holds onto nutrients more than other hydroponic growing media, just checking the run-off does not always give an accurate picture of the nutrient level present. Following the instructions below will give you a more accurate representation of pH and EC/CF levels:

1. Take a 250ml measuring jug and fill it with 150ml of de-ionised water.
2. Remove small samples of coco coir growing media from as many places as possible in the slab/pots.
3. Add the samples to the de-ionised water until it reaches the 250ml mark.
4. Mix and allow to settle for at least two hours.
5. Mix again and measure the pH.
6. Filter and measure the EC/CF.

Moisture of coco coir growing media
Your coco coir growing media should not be too moist. To determine whether your coco coir growing media contains the appropriate level of moisture, lift your pots/slabs and determine the weight. If your pots/slabs are very heavy, they’ll be full of water. However, if they are very light, there will be very little or no water.

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