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VitaLink Coir

VitaLink Coir is an advanced, yet easy-to-use coco coir formulation that is scientifically proven to deliver excellent plant results.

Scientific tests prove that VitaLink Coir nutrients contain a key level of all the elements your plants need for best possible growth and yield when growing in coco coir media. It is essential to use a specific coco coir nutrient when using coco coir growing media. This is because coco coir growing media releases potassium during your plant's growing cycle. VitaLink Coir nutrient takes this into account to give you the best possible plant growth and yield.

Unlike other nutrients on the market, VitaLink Coir is a separate 'growth' and 'bloom' formulation that means that no mixing of nutrients is required. This is because scientific tests prove that for the best possible results plants require more nitrogen during the growth cycle and more phosphorus in flowering. VitaLink Coir growth and bloom contains the optimum level of nitrogen and phosphorus for superior growth and flowering. This nutrient comes in one bottle and so it is easy-to-use.

The compound used to combine the different elements in VitaLink Coir improves the pH stability of the nutrient solution once in your tank. This means less pH adjusting for you, which gives you simpler growing with less maintenance and great plant results, which is why VitaLink Coir is so popular with new growers.

VitaLink Coir is a one-part 'growth' and 'bloom' nutrient to ensure you get the best possible plant results at each growth stage. Developed with the UK grower in mind, both 'growth' and 'bloom' are available in hard and soft water varieties to complement the water you are growing with. This can only further maximise the results you get from your growing because your plants receive an optimum level of all elements.

VitaLink Coir was developed with a leading UK university to contain everything your plants need for a successful, healthy life cycle when growing in coir. VitaLink Coir comes in a separate growth and bloom formulation, meaning no mixing of nutrients is required it really is simple to use!

Available in 1L and 5L bottles.

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