Change in EU regulations

All VitaLink Labels that did not already have their NPK and other ingredients shown in mass/mass percentages have recently been updated in order to remain current for product registration and to satisfy the EU regulations on labelling.  The products themselves have not changed, just the way we display the information.

The EU regulations require that all nutrient contents need to be declared on the labels in mass/mass percentage. Previously the ingredients were displayed as mass/volume percent. This results in reduced numbers because 1 L of nutrient weighs more than 1kg.

For VitaLink PK the previous PK of 13 – 14 as mass/volume now becomes PK 11.3 – 12 when shown as mass/mass percentage. But the concentration in the bottle has not altered, just the way the percentages are calculated.

Whilst we have been making these changed to our labels we have taken the opportunity to remove the French text and add even more information on the ins and outs of our products and how they can help plants grow and thrive.a

VitaLink can assure you that even though the labels have changed, all products remain exactly the same as before, absolutely no changes have been made.

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