The pH and EC levels of your nutrient solution will affect your plants’ uptake of nutrients. Any fluctuation of the correct levels can lead to poor plant growth and should be readjusted before it becomes a serious problem.

We have a full range of products to enable you to simply and easily check your pH and EC levels and adjust as required.

If pH levels are too high or too low, this can cause deficiencies in essential nutrients that plants need to grow. pH levels out of the ideal range can also negatively affect beneficial bacteria in your system or substrate.

Electrical Conductivity (EC) levels influence a plant’s ability to absorb water. If the EC is too high, the roots cannot bring in water and the high concentration of ions can be toxic for the plant. If EC is too low, the plants may starve from the lack of nutrients.

Checking and adjusting pH and EC levels of your nutrient solution won’t take long and with VitaLink ESSENTIALS range, it’s very easy. Following this care, your plants will reward you with faster growth and more yield. Products in this range include:

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