Growers should keep a regular check on the pH and EC levels of their nutrient tanks as these will affect plant nutrient uptake. If the correct levels fluctuate, this can lead to poor plant growth – but these can be readjusted before it becomes a serious problem!
Checking nutrient solutions does not take long and VitaLink Essentials offer a range of product to help growers maintain the best growing conditions.
Products in this range include:

pH Buffer 4 & 7
Use VitaLink ESSENTIALS Buffer solution to calibrate pH meters.
Use together for a 2-point calibration scale, this will give an accurate range of measurement of pH that hydroponic nutrients work within.
pH 4 Buffer solution gives an accurate representation of the pH scale at pH4.
pH 7 Buffer solution gives an accurate representation of the pH scale at pH7 to measure against.

CF Calibration Fluid
Calibrate EC meters at regular intervals to ensure reliable, accurate readings.
All calibration solutions should be at room temperature (20°C) for successful and accurate calibration. This solution is set to read CF28 at room temperature.

Meter Store
pH meters are an important piece of equipment in the grow room and keeping them in tip top condition is essential!
Maintain and prolong the accuracy of your pH probes by storing them in VitaLink Meter Store when not in use.

pH adjusters
These quality adjusters are necessary to control the pH of nutrient solutions. For use in small controlled doses to adjust the pH level of nutrient solutions, mix thoroughly and measure with a calibrated pH meter to attain the desired pH reading.

  • pH Down
    A concentrated solution (81% phosphoric acid) formulated for the professional grower.
  • pH Down Easy
    This solution (25% Phosphoric Acid) is formulated for the novice grower.
  • pH Up
    A concentrated solution (50% Potassium Hydroxide) formulated for the professional grower.
  • pH Up Easy
    This solution (25% potassium hydroxide) is formulated for the novice grower.

PH Test Indicators

These handy pH test indicators give a quick reading of the pH of solutions.
The VitaLink ESSENTIALS pH test indicator kit uses a solution known as universal indicator to change a small sample of your nutrient solution to a different colour. Compare this colour to the spectrum chart to indicate what pH the solution is reading at. Although not as accurate as using a pH meter to analyse the nutrient solution, this indication kit is a quick, precise and cost-efficient measure giving over 100 readings.

To find out where you can purchase our ESSENTIALS range, visit the stockist page!

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